Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

A snapshot of the sky after a thunderstorm. I took this in September down at my favorite meadow a couple of miles from my house. We've been lucky this week with brilliant blue skies with not a cloud in them. Unfortunately that makes for a bland snapshot when you want a stunning sky.

I'm doing this with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine. Go see what stunning sky she saw.


Nicole said...

What a nice after-the-storm photo. It's a good thing you were able to capture it so well when the opportunity arose.

I stopped here to read this post after Anyes mentioned your blog and this Stunning Sunday Skies snapshot thing you two are doing.

This photo reminds me of a large painting that my great-grandmother had on the wall during my childhood years and it also reminds me of the sky and water photos that were on one of the most beautiful wall calendars that I once had when I was a teenager.

It kind of makes me want to escape and become one with the universe.

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demie said...

this is an amazing snapshot! coming from Anyes : )

Anyes said...

How do you it Karen? Magic once again...So many colours, so much texture. I am in awe :-)

Dartford Warbler said...

Another stunning sky!

Chantal said...

it is like the sky is opening up for something

Karen said...

Nicole: I'm glad you came over from Anyes' blog to find me. I'm fortunate to have a wide open field just down the road and some very interesting weather to have come through the middle of North Carolina this past fall.

Demie: Another Anyes' fan! Hurrah! Thank you for the compliment.

Anyes: If the storm fronts are strong enough to make it over our mountains, then they are generally full of amazing clouds.

DW: Thank you. Now if we could get some interesting weather this month . . .

Chantal: Makes you think some Greek god might appear, doesn't it?