Monday, December 12, 2011

Yuletide Camellia

I took this shot of a camellia bush while we were at Thyatira Presbyterian Church. I knew it wasn't a spring blooming camellia that had unexpectedly bloomed like the one that Marie over at 66 Square Feet saw up in New York City, as winter blooming camellias are quite common here in North Carolina.

But imagine my surprise to find out the name of this particular camellia bush - Yuletide. How appropriate for a camellia that blooms this time of year. If you live in Growing Zones 7-9, you can plant this bush in your garden and expect blooms from September through December. You'll just need a fairly large space in your garden as it will spread 10 feet wide although you can cut it back and grow it in containers.

Hmm, wonder if I have a space in my small garden for this beauty?


Anyes said...

I do not know much about gardens, but I would love to have this one in mine. Beautiful Karen :-)

Chantal said...

just make some space

frayedattheedge said...

I would quite happily have one take over my garden!!

Karen said...

Anyes: I looked and Vancouver is in the right zone to grow winter-blooming camellias. Perhaps you could grow one on your balcony (I'm assuming you have a balcony . . .).

Chantal: I may make space on my patio as the small garden is full of daylilies and my hibiscus looks like it might not make it through the winter.

Anne: Would winter-blooming camellias work for you there in Hawick? I guess I need to look to see what the growing zones are for the Border Counties.

Dan said...

Wow, what a gorgeous flower! I didn't know you could get camelias that flower at Christmas.
I hope you don't mind Karen, but I was nominated for a blog award, and, in turn, have nominated yours as one of my favourites.