Sunday, October 24, 2010

View of Pilot Mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

View of Pilot Mountain from Groundhog Mountain

With yesterday being absolutely gorgeous, I set off for a drive to southwestern Virginia to see what I could find in the way of some good snapshots. I ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway where to my surprise, there were very few cars even though the trees still had tons of color. Perhaps the people who would've have been up there were dissuaded by all the evening news shows talking about all the people who were up in the mountains or perhaps they had all gone south to Asheville. Who knows? All in all it was a terrific drive.

This is a view of Pilot Mountain, NC from Groundhog Mountain, VA on the parkway. Pilot Mountain is about thirty miles east at this point. For those of you who are my age and grew up with the Andy Griffith Show, this is the fictional Mt. Pilot. Andy Griffith who is originally from Mount Airy, NC, just up the road from Pilot Mountain, used a lot of his childhood locations in the show, just giving them enough of an artistic twist to keep the show from being a travelogue. Hence, Mount Airy became Mayberry, Pilot Mountain became Mt. Pilot, etc.


Anyes said...

What a view!

frayedattheedge said...

A fabulous view!

moreidlethoughts said...

And Otis...? I've read that he was based a local character, too. (Aren't drunks always based on someone real!)

Not unlike some of the views across Australia's "Blue" mountains.)

rachel said...

Beautiful - I do love to see enormous landscapes, as we don't get too many of them on our little island!

flwrjane said...

You make much better use of a weekend than I do, thank God I can live vicariously through your pictures.

xo Jane

Karen said...

Anyes: It was a wonderful day to take a day trip.

Anne: I am so lucky to be only a couple of hours away from both mountains and beach, although the mountains win hands downfor my favorite place.

Di: Maybe the mountains are twins separated at birth? The scientific explanation for the blue haze here are hydrocarbons released from trees.

As for Otis? I don't know if he's meant to be someone from Mount Airy, but Mount Airy has turned itself into Mayberry and is doing quite nicely trading on a 50-year old show.

Rachel: Yes, but you have thatched roof cottages and town squares with Queen Victoria statues along with real Gothic buildings, not wannabe's like here in Greensboro.

Jane: Well, I'm not dealing with bulging plaster walls. Sounds like you guys had quite a weekend there. Hugs to you and GG.