Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock Springs Plantation. Critz, Virginia

Back to the Saturday day trip.

Out of Martinsville on US 58, my Travel Buddy (TB) who is riding shotgun and handling the map says: “You’re on the wrong road”
Me: “No, I’m not. I’m going the right way to Ferrum”
TB: “No. You’re supposed to be on VA 57.”
Me: “No. This is the right way. I looked at the map back in Martinsville. I’m on the right road.”
TB: “No. It’s VA 57. You marked it on the map.”
Me: “Give me the map. [I looked at the map while driving 70 mph on a curvy mountain road. Not a good way to drive.] Well, too bad. I’m not going back to Martinsville [I’m loathe to say that I’m wrong, since I am never, ever wrong]. We’re staying on this road.”
TB: “But I thought you wanted to go to Ferrum and drive the scenic byway.”
Me: “I’M NOT TURNING AROUND. WE’RE STAYING ON THIS ROAD [This tends to be my default mode in all of our day trips.]

So onward towards the mountains on the wrong road.

I saw a historical marker on the road pointing towards the Reynolds Homeplace in Critz, VA. Since I’m trying to take pictures of historic sites here in North Carolina and in Southwestern Virginia, I thought this would be a good place to visit.

Rock Springs Plantation

This is Rock Springs Plantation, the birthplace of Richard Reynolds who founded RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem, just 25 miles from Greensboro. His parents raised 16 children in this small house which doesn’t look any larger than my 1500 square foot townhouse. It’s in the Greek Revival style and was built in 1843. It used to front a stagecoach road, but today there is just a paved loop around the house, spring house and family graveyard.

The plantation was endowed to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) by RJ Reynolds’ daughter, Nancy Susan Reynolds, in 1969. Virginia Tech’s Forest Resources Research Center is located here and studies forestry practices, pond management, wildlife habitat enhancement, and Christmas tree culture. There is also a small museum for the house.

Spring House


flwrjane said...

Hopefully while you're traveling through parts of my state I
i have never heard of you are also "getting Out The Vote".

xo Jane

Anyes said...

It's all about flexibility when traveling right ;-)

I love the architecture, Thank you

Karen said...

Jane: I always wonder if I'm safe driving a car that still has the Obama-Biden sticker still on it, especially in those remote rural areas (cue the theme from "Deliverance"), but so far, so good. I'm always an early voter.

Anyes: It is fun to discover these little-known gems within driving distance of home. That afternoon the only ones there where the tour guide, my TB and myself.