Sunday, October 17, 2010

Second Bloom

After eight years in my house, I decided I needed to do more to the small garden area than just spread mulch to keep the weeds out.

So, I planted about sixty daylily bulbs and bought three rose bushes from Rogue Valley Roses to put in containers on the patio.

I didn't expect much from either daylilies or roses this first year, but was pleasantly surprised to have a few of the daylilies to bloom along with the roses during the early part of the summer. Then we got hit with the hottest summer ever (65+ days of above 90 degree weather versus a normal summer where we have 28 days) and the rose bushes suffered mightily. Despite the daily watering, the bushes were extremely stressed, dropping leaves and in one case, developing black spot. I figured that I would end up trashing them this fall.

What a nice surprise when they started to give me a second round of blooms in October now that the weather has moderated back to normal.

Brown Velvet (a misnomer - very bright red)


Baby Austin (a micro rose; even smaller than a mini rose)


flwrjane said...

Thank the goddess for fall. Love all your blooms especially the baby.

Going to go look little austin up.

Enjoy what I hope proves to be a beautiful Sunday.

XO Jane

rachel said...

Goodness, don't trash something because it's got black spot! Here in our volatile so-called temperate climate (cold, damp, tepid, damp, rain, damp, wind, damp, night frost, damp, etc etc) black spot is an essential feature of the roses! I'm just grateful that they survive at all.

Karen said...

Jane: It was a really nice Sunday, wasn't it? I'm making my list for more roses from RVR since these have done so nicely.

Rachel: Care to send some damp my way? Actually the black spot was on a rosebush that came from a big box retailer, Home Depot. The RVR roses actually held up OK in the heat, but didn't really bloom until this past week.