Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why My Posts are Hit and Miss

Down the road at my favorite meadow.
So far this week, it has been one thunderstorm after another and that affects my ability to blog. I have an aircard as my modem, which is nothing more than a cell phone in a tiny little case which inserts into my USB port.

And that means I am very, very dependent on having a good cell connection in order to upload my snapshots and write my blog posts. Thunderstorms put a kibosh on the connection being anything more than hit or miss.

Right now we are between storms - one is heading towards the coast and the next one is coming over the mountains heading our way. So a quick trip in the car to take this snapshot and a quick post to tell you why my posts have been mostly missing in action.


Ron Ruiter said...

Beautiful scene. Great shot of the storm clouds.

Roch said...

Worth the wait.

Dan said...

What an amazing sky!

frayedattheedge said...

Catching up with all my favourites after the holiday! You have been posting some fabulous photos - hope the storms go so that you can post more!!

Stacy Horn said...

I love storms AND pictures of storms. Another great shot!!

Karen said...

Ron: Thank you. We've had some really interesting storms come through the Piedmont this spring.

Roch: Glad to have another Greensboro blogger stop by and thank you for your kind comment.

Dan: And I am so fortunate to have that meadow just five minutes down the road from me.

Anne: Glad to see you back from Majorca (I'm somewhat jealous).

Stacy: And I always enjoy your streetscape shots.