Monday, May 14, 2012

Laughing Gull, Calabash, North Carolina

A gull living up to his name - Laughing Gull.

While I was at the beach all I saw were Laughing Gulls along with Brown Pelicans, Killdeer and Grackles, but no Herring Gulls which have been the usual gull at the coast in the past. And unlike Ring-billed Gulls which you can find far inland from the beach in such exotic locations as the Walmart parking lot, Laughing Gulls are only found on beaches up and down the East Coast.

From Cornell University's ornithology website: "The Laughing Gull’s species name is cachinnans, which is a 10-dollar word that comes from Latin and means to laugh heartily. Linguists believe that the word came about because it sounds like laughing—try saying it and see if you agree."

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Diane AZ said...

Delightful picture! I've never seen Laughing Gulls, maybe because I've never been to the East Coast. :D