Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon at Holden Beach, North Carolina

I'm at the beach this weekend, so there will be plenty of interesting snapshots for the coming week.

But I was really lucky to get a good shot of the Supermoon just before a strong thunderstorm came down from the north. This was taken from the porch of the beach cottage with the FZ150.


dinahmow said...

Once again, the weather spoils my chances!
I know I lived here for years, but don't recall being this miserable in May! Otherwise, having a good time.

Dan said...

That's incredible. Looks like you've got a telescope, not a camera! Hope the weather improves for your visit to the beach!

Anyes said...

This one is super sized, Karen. Awesome shot :-)

Enjoy your time at the beach

Carolina said...


Karen said...

DI: I'm sorry you missed out. It was certainly amazing and the color was orange, orange, orange!

Dan: I love my new camera, but if I had planned a little better I would've brought along a tripod.

Anyes: Yours was a great photo, too.

Carolina: Yes, but no comparison to your macro photos.