Monday, May 21, 2012

Northern Cardinals in My Small Garden

Not too bad of a snapshot - I took this standing at the back of my dining room, shooting through two sliding glass doors as the one side was open. Probably a good 30 feet from shooter to subject.

Northern Cardinals are the most frequent visitors to my bird feeder in my small garden.  It is monogamous in nature, staying with one mate for its entire life. If you see a male Cardinal at the feeder, its mate is not far away.

Cardinals are devoted mates. This male was actually feeding his female partner at my feeder. I wasn't able to snap the exact moment that he fed her, but they spent a considerable amount of time at the feeder with the female asking for and getting seeds from the male.


dinahmow said...

That's a stunning picture, Karen.

flwrjane said...

New header good, that's how good.

xo Jane

Scrappy Grams said...

I've never seen the male that visits my feeder along with his mate; she's usually on the ground. stupendous shot!

Karen said...

Di: I just love, love, love this new camera!

Jane: The redbud bloomed a good month ahead of time. Global warming, anyone?

SG: I get more cardinals in the winter, but then I have three feeders out in the garden. I think this pair must be nesting in the sugar maple next to the house.