Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday's Thunderstorm

This past Friday, Greensboro was under a severe thunderstorm warning, a flash flood warning and, for a short period of time, a tornado watch.

Lake Brandt, down the road from me, is a great place to go and take snapshots of incoming storms (providing they are coming from the west and not the south). So down to the marina I went to get some photos before the storm broke.

I wasn't disappointed. The thunderheads rolled in, the winds picked up and when the thunder started I packed up my camera and went back home. It's not real smart to stand out on a pier when a thunderstorm comes in.

And it opened up and poured . . .  for 20 seconds. For all of the threats, the warning crawls on the TV, the threatening skies we got all of .2 inches of rain.


Toffeeapple said...

Better that than inundation. Good picture.

frayedattheedge said...

Amazing sky! I am glad we don't have weather like that over here!!

Diane AZ said...

Oh yes, that looks like a fantastic place for skywatching! About one more month until our summer monsoon season, my favorite time of year.

Karen said...

Toffeeapple: I don't know. We're on the edge of it turning into a drought here, so we can use all the rain we can get. Maybe if the UK had sent us half of the rain it is had so far this spring . . .

Anne: It does give me some amazing skies, but some nights I lay awake wondering if something untoward is going to happen.

Diane: Aren't you all something like 12 years into a drought there? Maybe if we ask Toffeeapple nicely, she'll send us some of that British rain.