Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Carolina Lily Barn Quilt, Wilkes County, North Carolina

And here is what happens when people who start a barn quilt trail lose interest in that barn quilt trail. Quite a contrast from the last barn quilt I posted here which is 90 miles southeast from Wilkes County down in Randolph County.

I found my first barn quilts back in 2010 in Alexander County, North Carolina. Those quilts were different from most as they were actually huge photos of handsewn quilts. You could see everything right down to the stitches in the fabric. Wilkes County nearby followed suit with 12 barn quilts; one was handpainted and the other 11 were large photos of actual quilt squares rather than the entire quilt.

Two weekends ago I set off for Wilkes County with the addresses of the barn quilts. Of the 12, I could only find two with this one far enough off the beat track to pull the car over to take a snapshot.

Sad to see this in such a ruinous state.

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Annie said...

I kind of like the patina--really makes it seem like it's been there a while rather than being a new thing on a very old building.