Monday, December 3, 2012

Woodpeckers in My Small Garden

The woodpeckers are back visiting the feeders in the small garden again this fall.

From smallest to largest, they are:

A female downy woodpecker (she has no red crescent on the back of her head like the male does). I could only catch her from the back as she climbed the redbud towards the feeder.

A female red-bellied woodpecker at the upside down suet feeder.

And the largest of the woodpeckers, a yellow-shafted Northern Flicker (this one is a male). Unlike my other two woodpeckers, Northern Flickers prefer to feed on the ground. This one stays in the large oak tree behind my house in our common area. I can hear him call when I'm out filling the feeders or cleaning the patio. He's probably like my chickadees; impatient for me to hurry up, do my thing and leave so he can eat.