Thursday, November 15, 2012

When is a Lighthouse Not a Lighthouse?

When it is actually a cleverly disguised water tower located in Bay Village, Ohio.

One of the reasons I drove along the coast of Lake Erie on US Highway 2 is that I read there were six historic lighthouses within sight of the road. A couple were too far east of Cleveland to add it to my itinerary, but I thought I would be able to see at least three or four during the day.

Of course, I saw the one in Lorain which is still closed to the public but close enough for a good snapshot.

And then when I drove into Bay Village, west of Cleveland, I spied this in their large city park and whipped the car into the parking lot. I thought it was one of the lighthouses that had been mentioned on the Web, but when I got closer, I saw from the sign at the base that it was a water tower.

The park was once the John Huntington estate and this water tower provided water to his vineyard. The stairway, water pipes and water tubs are still inside. When John Huntington was still alive, he used to go to the top of the tower to watch the sun set on Lake Erie. Unfortunately the tower is closed to the public and here is a video from YouTube showing the damage that it sustained when Superstorm Sandy roared through last month.


Diane AZ said...

And what a beautiful shot you got of the water tower and the trees before the storm!

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I love looking at your architecture pictures as they are so different from anything we have over here. The water tower and the lighthouse below are so beautiful. Cathy

Toffeeapple said...

Whatever its purpose, that is a lovely old building.

Karen said...

Diane: I am glad that I got back to Ohio to see family and places like this before the storm. Looks like Cleveland and its suburbs really got hit.

Cathy: And I love to look at the pictures of English houses and buildings, too. It's interesting to see how each country's architecture developed over the years.

Toffeeapple: And sad to see the damage from the wind.