Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scotch Thistle

I never did find the final lighthouse. Later I learned that the one that I was looking for was five miles off the coast near Maumee State Park and only visible on good days through a high powered telescope.

I did find Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area near Marblehead which was full of blue and white herons along with some ducks I couldn't identify. Unfortunately I didn't get any decent pictures. They were either too far away for my zoom or would take off when I finally got them in focus.

So here is a picture of the only thing I could get into focus because it was the only thing in the wildlife area that would stay still long enough for me to get a snapshot.

A Scotch Thistle going to seed.


Toffeeapple said...

That is the problem with trying to capture birds!

Isabelle said...

Plants are very helpful in that they are prepared to pose. Unlike my grandson!

Karen said...

Toffeeapple: I think it is more a problem with my not knowing how to take my camera off auto and using it properly.

Isabelle: Yes, but this thistle isn't half as cute as your grandson.