Monday, November 19, 2012

Marblehead, Ohio Lighthouse

So far on that day trip in Ohio, I had only found one lighthouse, the one in Lorain, and the water tower disguised as a lighthouse in Bay Village. By my calculations that still left at least three more within driving distance.

The Sandusky Breakwater Lighthouse is just a light on top of a concrete tower. Built in 1996, it is still an active lighthouse operated by the US Coast Guard. Unable to get close enough to get any better than a 24x digital zoom, here is a not-so-good snapshot.

So, on to Marblehead, Ohio right across the bay from Sandusky in search of the 1821 lighthouse which is still in operation.

I missed the entrance to the state park the first time and had to backtrack. I pulled off on  the side of the road to take this snapshot:

And then drove into the state park to take this wonderful photo:

Although the lighthouse and the lightkeeper's house were given to the state of Ohio to become a park in 1998, the lighthouse itself is still under Coast Guard control and its three and one-half order Fresnel* lens still warns pleasure boats and large container ships every night.

*Is a lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length.


Toffeeapple said...

What else can I say but - WOW! that is a stunning shot.

farawayinthesunshine said...

I love all those lighthouses, Karen. It's so good to see you again. I miss you and I am glad you came over for a visit

Stacy Horn said...

I'm loving your lighthouse shots! Especially that first ome, the Lorain one.

Karen said...

Toffeeapple: I am a little proud of that last photo and thank you.

Anyes: I promise I'll be a better commenter. Glad to have you touch base with me here.

Stacy: It was fun looking for them, but Lorain is a sad little town since GM closed down most of the huge plant that is there.