Wednesday, May 9, 2012

St. Peter and St. Paul Russian Orthodox Church, St. Helena, North Carolina

If you leave US Highway 117 which runs north out of Wilmington and take a lightly traveled side road in Pender County, you will come across St. Peter and St. Paul Russian Orthodox Church. This is the first Russian Orthodox Church built in North Carolina (an Eastern Orthodox church was built in Asheville in the late 1800's) and it was built by Ukrainian immigrants in 1932 who came to work on nearby vegetable farms.

Today the congregation is down to four (as of a 2007 article, so it may be that there are no congregants now) and the church has been put on a historic building endangered list.

But someone is taking care of at least the outside. Although the grass was a little long, the bushes were neatly trimmed and, as you can see, the building itself looks in good shape.

The cornerstone. I couldn't find a translation from the Russian to English, so I will just have to leave it as such without any comment.


Diane AZ said...

The church is charming, I hope it will be preserved. Looks like it was a beautiful day when you photographed it, gorgeous sky!

Scrappy Grams said...

how serendipitous! I received a postcard with St. Peter and Paul Church on it, but it was in St. Petersburg Russia.

Karen said...

Diane: We've been really fortunate with our skies this spring - bright Carolina Blue.

SG: I looked at that church in Russia. The little one in St. Helena can't even compare.

Tavia Thomas said...

I was married there in 1988. It was the first wedding there in 50 years, and I suppose it's possible that there has not been another one since then. I wish I could do something to help protect this church!