Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stunning Sunday Skies, Santa Cruz County, Arizona

Since I can't decide whether it is Sunset Sunday or Stunning Skies Sunday, I thought I'd let you all admire the sky I caught at a rest stop on Interstate 19 just south of Tubac, Arizona.

For the majority of the week, the skies over Arizona were a brilliant blue with nary a cloud in the sky. This day brought a storm system from southern California and a grand total of three drops of rain which is why Arizona is in a years-long drought. And with the clouds came the wind which made the clouds so interesting but made my allergies to the dust unbearable.


Dan said...

A really gorgeous turbulent sky!

Anne said...

A lovely sky, with the glimpses of deep, deep blue through the clouds.

Carolina said...

Not a good combination: dust allergy, dry land and wind. But the sky is indeed stunning! I've just deciphered the word verification and one of the words is: epiedust. Go figure!

Karen said...

Dan: It was a terrific sky for photos!

Anne: And the blue is how the skies over Arizona are normally. Clouds are the exception.

Carolina: I sneezed and snuffled and wiped my nose the entire day at Tubac. Not very appealing.