Sunday, March 25, 2012

Striking Sunday Skies

Since Friday night through this morning, we've had wave after wave of strong thunderstorms  come through the area. I looked at the rainfall amounts recorded just down the street at the Lake Brandt city water facility and we've had a total of 3.25 inches in less than two days.

I stood in the parking lot of my townhouse community to take this photo of the storm building to the west. This particular storm was the strongest and scariest of the bunch as we not only got strong winds, rain and lightening, but also marble-sized hail.

More thunderstorms this afternoon. Obviously no daytrips this weekend.


Carolynn said...

I used to enjoy thunderstorms when I lived on the prairies as a child. The power would always go out and the house would feel spooky with only candle light to illuminate the rooms. We don't get them very often where I live now. It's a shame. These clouds look stunning!

Dartford Warbler said...

Amazing clouds.

Anne said...

Super sky! We have had several days of wonderful weather, with clear blue skies!

Karen said...

Carolynn: Considering the extreme weather these clouds generally bring, I think I would rather live where you live. My weather radio kept going off with all sorts of severe thunderstorm and tornado alerts.

DW: Thank you. I wanted to go down to the marina five minutes away to catch these clouds, but then they issued a tornado warning and I thought better of it.

Anne: I bet you all are grateful for these sunny days!