Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lady Banks Rose with an IPhone

No, not a scan of an old picture.

I've gone over to the dark side and bought an IPhone (it's a 3GS, not the 4) and proceeded to download three camera apps for it. This was taken with the Hipstamatic app which replicates the photos from the old Kodak Instamatic camera.  I've also downloaded the Instagram and Camera+ apps and will pass along my Panasonic FP8 to my mother who was looking for a small point and shoot that she could keep in her purse.

Using the IPhone as a pocket point and shoot seems to be the way a lot of people are going these days. I just got this month's National Geographic Magazine and they had statistics on how many photos we are taking annually - and people are taking more and more photos with their cell phones than they are with digital cameras.

I can see taking photos with my IPhone just for fun using these apps, but I still want to carry my camera with me to take the really good snapshots.


dinahmow said...

I think I'd like something like that, but, of course, I'd have to have some 5 year old show me how to use it!
And I noticed the other day, when I braved the tangle up the back, that my Banksia is NOT dead! I think I may try to lift it and put it into a big shrub tub. When I get home in June.Just in case we have a dangerously hot spell next month! Unlikely, but...

Karen said...

Di: I doubt you can kill off a Banksia rose. I have to keep whacking it back practically on a daily basis during the summer as it threatens to take over my small garden. Other than that I just ignore it and am always rewarded with roses in the spring.