Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday in Sedona, Arizona

My mother and I flew to Arizona to spend a week with her sister and her husband. I had lived in southeastern Arizona some thirty-plus years ago for almost two years and had only been back once some 10 years ago. I planned a three-day mini-trip in the middle of the week to go over old stomping grounds.

My brother, who lives in Los Angeles, flew in and met us in Phoenix on Saturday to spend a long weekend seeing some of the sights with us.

Sunday was the trip to Sedona, land of the Red Rocks and New Age vortices. A two-hour trip from Scottsdale, we got into town just in time for lunch which we had at a deli in Tlaquepaque, an arts and crafts village featuring some really expensive arts and crafts. The lunch was probably the longest one I've had - the New Age attitude filtered down to our wait staff making our lunch more than two hours long (excellent food, but we were on a fairly rigid schedule).

Some pictures around Sedona:

Church of the Holy Cross designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright acolyte (look down in the far right corner):

Bell Mountain outside of Oak Creek Canyon:

Supposedly this is one of the places where you can experience those New Age harmonics. If you look closely, you'll see people at the base and halfway up the mountain as it is also a very popular hiking area.


Anne said...

What amazing colours and rock formations!

Dartford Warbler said...

Stunning colours in those layers of red sandstone.

Karen said...

Anne and DW: They say the color is most amazing at sunset, but Phoenix was more than two hours away and we wanted to get home before dark.

Diane AZ said...

Hi Karen, Wow, beautiful pictures of Sedona! Can you believe that I've lived in AZ for 17 years but haven't visited Sedona yet?