Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stunning Mountain Skies for Sunday

I am so off schedule for my Sunset Sundays and Stunning Sky Sundays that I don't which Sunday today is. So I'm posting a snapshot that I took from a rest stop on Interstate 19 on our way to Tubac, Arizona. My best guess (since I don't know Santa Cruz County as well as I know Cochise County where I used to live) is that these are the Tumacacori Mountains.

You can see snow on the farthest mountain while we had 60 degree weather at the rest stop. Even though Arizona is in a 12-year drought, they will get occasional rain coming from California.


dinahmow said...

I've always wanted to put a "d" in Arizona!
Deserts are beautiful, but I could not live there.I need the trees and the wide water!

Karen said...

Di: You're funny - ARID-zona. I'm absolutely the opposite; my heart belongs in the desert's mountains.